Special Programs/Accountability/Student Assessment

Asst. Superintendent: Donny Webb


Welcome to Hudson ISD!

Hudson is a 4-A district serving approximately 2800 students. Our goal is to provide a quality education with experiences to all of our students, preparing them for post-secondary education and success after graduation. Our focus is on the children of the Hudson community, although we serve a significant number of transfer students. We believe that the foundation of our service to Hudson relies on the positive and professional relationships with all stakeholders.

The mission of Hudson ISD is to foster a community of life-long learners by providing an environment that builds self-worth, integrity, and respect for diversity while striving for academic and social excellence.

Hudson ISD has embraced the guiding principles of the Texas Visioning Network, to transform our school system into a truly 21st Century organization. Technology has become an integral part of our classrooms, as we must provide the necessary tools for today's digital natives. All facilities are updated regularly and well-maintained. The school culture exemplifies high standards by promoting higher expectations both socially and academically.

Hudson remains on the cutting edge of technology and program development, such as our Health Science Facility. With the cooperative effort of Memorial Health Systems and Angelina College, we have one of the only LVN programs housed on a high school campus. For students seeking course offerings that can not be provided in a face-to-face instructional format, we offer on-line high school and college courses. Hudson High School offers dual-credit opportunities as well. We believe that students who choose to take college level courses should experience these on the college campus, therefore students are permitted to attend courses located on the Angelina College campus. Numerous CTE courses are articulated to allow students to gain college credit once they have graduated and attend specific programs at Angelina College.

Peavy Primary, Bonner Elementary, and Hudson Middle School are the feeder campuses for the high school. Each of these campuses are unique in the opportunities provided to our students. 21st Century skills are imbedded throughout each of these campus' instructional programs. Hudson ISD is proud of the numerous accomplishments, accolades, and awards. None of which are possible without the teamwork of so many individuals that we consider 'our family.' Nothing is impossible and the sky is the limit.

Located just five miles to the west of Lufkin, TX on State HWY 94 in the beautiful piney woods of East Texas, we invite you to stop by for a visit.