You can find information about special programs at Hudson ISD on our main district website. However, here are a few commonly requested items:

Gifted & Talented Program
The Gifted & Talented Handbook is updated annually. The attachment is the most recent edition, without staff forms and documents.

The Equity in Gifted/Talented Education website:
Equity in G/T

Dyslexia Program
HISD Dyslexial Program information can be found at the following link. This handbook is updated annually.

he following is the Texas State Plan for Dyslexia

Bullying Prevention
HISD strives to provide an environment free from bullying behavior. The attached PowerPoint presentation will give just an overview of the district's response to cases that may involve this form of behavior. NOTE: It is very important to understand the difference between 'bullying' and one-time issues that involve a student being 'picked' on. Any misbehavior of this nature will be acted upon, but the term 'bullying' can be misused by parents, staff, and students alike.

English as a Second Language
HISD serves English Language Learners (ELLs) using an ESL program, not a bilingual program. The following link is an overview of the ESL program for the district.

To review the 2016 Program Evaluation, please click on the tab below:

Under Construction

Credit By Exam (CBE)
Requests for CBEs are not common at Hudson ISD. However, parents/students may request to 'test out' of a course or grade level for various reasons. Here are a couple of common reasons that have been used for CBE: (hypothetical examples only)
  • A student moves to HISD from another state where high school credit is not transferable. The student may have taken a math course that is not called Algebra 1, but may cover some of the TEKS. The student may wish to take an Alg 1 CBE to see if credit can be awarded.
  • A student is a native Spanish speaker with previous formal instruction in language development. This student may wish to take a Spanish 1 and/or 2 CBE to see if credit may be awarded for this course.
  • A student was held back a year in grade 1 at a parent request. A year later, the parent regrets this and feels that the student should be promoted back to the cohort of students of the child's age. The parent can request the student be tested to skip a grade level. This is seldom achieved due to the nature of tested material, but is an option. However, it is strongly encouraged to meet with campus administrators and counselors to make the best decision for the child.
Below is a link to information about CBE. Board policy gives much more specific information regarding this issue as stated in the document below.