The Hudson ISD District Improvement Plan, also known as the 21st Century Learning Plan, is developed/updated annually by the District Site-Based Decision Making Committee. This plan is developed in a 'bottom-up' format, meaning that the district improvement plan supports, rather than drives the individual campus improvement plans. The thought process is similar to that of instruction...begin with the student in mind. Each campus completes a Needs Assessment, based on data from a number of sources. After reviewing the needs of each campus, the district develops strategies to assist the campus in meeting the desired goals and objectives. To fully understand the district plan, please review the associated campus improvement plans located on the campus website.

Hudson ISD created goals and objectives based on the Visioning Document for Texas Schools (Creating a New Vision). There are requirements in statute that must also be included in district and campus plans. These strategies are included in the following documents.

Documents are under construction. These will also be posted to the front page of the district website.